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Unfolds - Changing Mat ( 45 cm x 70 cm)

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Introducing "Unfolds"  - A Unique product which allows you to provide the diaper free time to your baby. This changing mat is made of charcoal bamboo fleece which is extremely absorbent, anti-bacterial and washable. On the other side, is our beautiful printed PUL which makes this "Unfold" even more durable.

Specially designed for babies less than 6 months old, this product is perfect when you want to put your baby in a nappy, flats or prefolds. Specially suited for summers and monsoons, as it is easy to dry and use. 

Th se unfolds can also be used as changing mats when while  traveling or a home, to help you protect from accidental pee while changing the diapers.

They are very easy to wash and use making it perfect companion for your diapers or diaper free time.