Baby Royal Bedding Set (White & Blue)

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Royal Baby Bed is a product which has been designed exclusively for babies keeping their sleeping needs in mind. It can be used as a bed throughout the day.

Made with high-quality organic cotton, it provides a soft, fluffy and breathable feel to your baby from the surface while being completely harmless for skin. The cotton used is of a high quality 200-300 TC (Thread Count) which provides a fine balance between softness and breathability without being silky.

The base of the bed is padded with extra layers of High-quality Fiber which ensures sturdiness, stability and firmness in the resting area. Atop the same, there is a filling of hypoallergenic micro fiber which have been packed in measured quantities to maintain the soft, fluffy feel which is consistent with the fabric. An anti-microbial treatment ensures a secure environment for baby.

The bed is securely surrounded by a firmly stuffed squarish bolster which secures and surrounds the baby and the bed from all sides providing a fortress-like secure environment for your little one. The squarish shape and dimensions of the bed ensures enough leg-room and arms-room. The bolster is made of the same organic fabric and filled in with hypo-allergenic micro fiber.

There is a protector for the bedset which is made of organic cotton fabric on the outside with a water-resistant layer beneath the fabric which prevents leakage from fabric into the bed.

The bed set is washable and can be gently washed with hands or in machine.



Main resting area:  12” X 25” (30 cm X 64 cm)

Height of resting area: 3.1” (8 cm)

Surrounding Bolster: 4.3” diameter (11 cm diameter)

Outer Dimensions: 20.8" X 29.5" (53 cm X 75 cm)


Package dimensions

High quality packaging material used to ensure secure transportation of product

Inner packaging in premium PVC bag for hygiene and safety during transit


The Royal Bed is fairly adequate in dimensions and layers to ensure a full sleep for a baby. While ensuring sound sleep for the baby, the firm and extra-fiber padded base ensures that it can be securely placed anywhere within a home across multiple rooms. This way, a Mom can keep the baby in her vicinity to ensure a close supervision on baby at all times, even while attending to other necessary household tasks. Steps to use Royal Bed:

  1. 1. Place the Royal Bed close to yourself, in the same room as yourself in a smooth surface where you would consider your baby to remain safe
  2. 2. Place the baby in the main resting area of the bed. You may provide toys to play if the baby does not intend to sleep
  3. The set also comes with a protector. Place the protector on top of the bed with the cotton fabric layer on top. In case the bed gets wet, the protector can be taken off and baby can continue to stay on dry surface of resting area.
  4. 4. For washing the fabric of nesting area, the bed can be gently hand washed or in machine.