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Preparing your diapers for first use

'Prepping' or 'preparing' your diapers refers to the process of getting them ready for your baby to use.

First, what kind of diaper do you have? 

Pocket Diapers, Diaper Covers, Infinit AIO shell, Microfiber inserts and Charcoal Bamboo Inserts, usually need a single normal wash with detergent before their first use, to wash out any dirt from the manufacturing unit. 

Just wash your new diapers once before use, with your regular load, using sufficient amount of detergent (without any additives, softeners or fragrance) for the above types of diapers

Diapers and inserts made of natural materials like hemporganic cottonand blends of these materials need 4-5 washes with detergent to lose their natural oils and reach their full absorbency. You can dry the diaper after 2 washes. 


Natural and synthetic diapers can be prepped together as long as you use sufficient detergent as per the detergent manufacturer's recommendations for the load. If you use too little or no detergent then the oils from the natural fabrics may attach to the synthetic fabrics and cause the latter to repel liquids.