How to take care of your Reusable Sanitary Napkins?

Suki Reusable Sanitary napkins are super absorbent but even if the napkin is still not full, we recommend changing the pad every 5-6 hrs in the daytime to maintain good hygiene.

However, you can leave the napkin on for a longer time at night for a good sleep overnight.

Wash your Suki reusable sanitary napkins really well to keep them in hygienic condition but also be gentle in taking care of them. Avoid using a handbrush to make sure that the fabric doesn't become rough or gets torn. Agitating well by hands will do the trick.

We recommend drying Suki reusable sanitary napkins in the sun for disinfection. If you don't have access to direct sunlight, dry them in a shaded place with good ventilation such as a balcony.


Suki reusable sanitary napkins can be used as a comfortable alternative to disposable pads for post-partum bleeding after the initial 4-5 days of very heavy bleeding. The plastic layer in disposable sanitary napkins can cause additional discomfort because of the sutures in a vaginal delivery. However, the soft fleece fabric in suki napkin reduces the discomfort substantially and has great absorption capacity as well.

By using Suki reusable sanitary napkins you can save a huge number of disposable pads from causing a landfill.