Cloth Diapering in Summers

Summers are here and while most cloth diapering parents will be super happy to get that sunshine on their diapers, there are obviously some concerns whether cloth diapers can cause heat or discomfort for their baby. Cloth Diapers are breathable and made of organic cotton, so should not cause any discomfort to the baby. However a few of these things will make cloth diapering more enjoyable for your baby

1. USE JUST ONE INSERT AT A TIME: Babies pee less in summers as they sweat more, so try to use only one insert at a time. The same insert will last a little longer and it will also increase the breathability of the diaper.

2. USE FLATS OR NAPPIES FOR DIAPER FREE TIME: As Babies pee less, you can give them even more diaper free time than summers. Use our Wonder Nappies (which are now also available in XL size) or flats to give them diaper free time.

3. KEEP THE DIAPER AREA DRY: Some babies sweat a lot during summers, so during diaper changes please make sure that the diaper area is dry. Wetness can lead to discomfort and rashes.

4. UNDERWEAR HACK. For kids older than 1 year, you can also use our Overnight Inserts as a pad in the baby's underwear, and it will work as a diaper for 2-3 hours.

5. JUST DIAPERS! Summers are the best time to keep the baby off the clothes and just in Diapers! All the more time for you to look at those cute prints.