Are your diapers leaking?

Cloth Diapers are highly absorbent but sometimes they can also leak. So, if your diapers are leaking, its mainly because of too reasons - improper fit or incorrect wash routine. Here are a few steps you can follow to make your diapers perfect!

Step 1: Please make sure that the fit is proper.

How to fit the InfiniT AIO

How to put the InfiniT AIO overnight diaper on the baby

Step 2: Please check the fit

How to check fit of cloth diaper


Step 3: Please check your wash routine.

How to wash your cloth diaper? 


Here are a few important things to keep in mind

1. Do NOT soak the diaper for more than 10 minutes.

2. Please use 1/3rd of the detergent for pre-wash

3. Pre-washing is very important. You need to rinse and squeeze the diapers to remove all the soaked pee. Only then the diapers will be ready for main wash. Spin drying in washing machine is a great way to remove all the soaked pee.

4. Please add correct amount of detergent while washing the diapers. 8-10 diapers are equal to a full washing machine load. So, please add the detergent accordingly.

5. Dry your diapers in the sunlight. If sundrying is not possible, you can spindry the diapers in the washing machine and then airdry the diapers in the balcony or dry them under the fan. 

6. Do NOT IRON the diapers.

7. Please make sure that the diaper is completely dry before you put it in on the baby

8. Do NOT use bar soap or liquid soap. Please use a regular powder detergent like Surf Excel or Tide.  No Fabric softeners or baby detergents. 

How to wash cloth diapers 

These steps should help you resolve your leakage problem, But if you still have issues, please whatsapp us on +91 9035903180 with the fit pictures and wash routine.