About Tushions

Jaya Srimurugan, Founder, Tushions Enteprises

When Jaya became a mother, she always wanted the best for her son and as any new age parents, that meant the most premium disposable diaper for her baby. Her son was a frequent pooper and he easily required 10-15 diapers a day, and soon they found themselves buying a dustbin just to store diapers. One day she noticed all the excess garbage she was creating but could not think of an alternative Not just that, despite these frequent changes her son got diaper rash. She tried using nappies, but changing them every time was cumbersome, not to mention wet clothes, bed spreads and blankets. Thats when she got to know about Modern Cloth Diapers from her friend and she could not even believe that such a thing existed. Dry-feel, leak-proof diapers that are safe for baby’s skin and can be washed and reused. She loved them so much that she didn’t just move to cloth diapers but also tried to spread awareness about cloth diapers.

Tushions started off as an authorised retailer of the best cloth diapering brands across the world.  Though these diapers were good, but they were too expensive and justifying spending Rs.2500 per diaper was very difficult for most Indian parents. Though cheaper alternatives from China were available but they seemed lacking in quality. Thats when Jaya decided to start her own brand - Green Diapers in Jan 2018.

Green Diapers were aimed at making cloth diapers reach each and every corner of India. Initially, we worked with some teams in China to help us customise the products as per our requirement. We started making products in India too, but the main challenge we faced was getting skilled tailors. While many may argue that there is no dearth of manpower in India, but they are lacking the skills and finesse required for making a professional product.

So, during the 2020 Pandemic, when we were facing major supply issues due to lockdowns and most of the tailors were out of jobs and suffering from recession,  we used this as opportunity to take these tailors and train them on how to make cloth diapers. After 3 months of training, they were finally able to make the perfect diapers. 

Green Diapers was renamed as Tushions in August 2020 as several people started selling Fake diapers in our name We have now protected our brand name and our products. We have a complete diapering manufacturing unit at Tushions, where we manufacture all our diapers and inserts. Not just that, we also try to make sure to procure all our raw material from India and We are Proud to say that we are completely “Atmanirbhar” now. 

Not just that, this gives us the ability to launch new products quickly into the market and serve our customers much better.

Here is a video of Jaya's latest interview on DD India.