Inserts, Liners and Wipes

Wondering which insert is right for you. 

5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Insert - Grey/ Block colored. Staydry fabric, can be used with covers also. Works for 3-4 hours. Can be used in pocket diapers or diaper covers. Not suitable for newborn pocket diapers.

Modal Staydry Booster with Snap(for InfiniT AIO): Tushions 5-layer modal staydry booster is made of 4- layers of super thirsty modal and 1 layer of fleece  sourced from India. It soaks super fast and lasts for 4-5 hours, dries fast and good for day usage in Infinit AIO.

Perfect for use with InfiniT AIOs . Not suitable for pocket diapers or diaper covers.

Organic Cotton Staydry Insert with Snap: This is our most versatile insert. It is super absorbent works 8-12 hours overnight in the InfiniT AIO. It can also be used with diaper covers. 

Overnight Staydry Insert - Our specially crafted 8-layer  modal and organic cotton insert and lined with super soft staydry fleece is perfect for overnight use with InfiniT AIO 2.0. It soaks super fast and lasts for 8-12 hours in the InfiniT AIO 2.0. Can be used with InfiniT AIO or AIO 2.0. It can also be used with newborn pocket diapers and newborn diaper covers.

DayTime Insert- It is a specially crafted insert to provide you maximum absorbency after just one wash. This insert is a blend of cotton and modal fabric. Modal is 1.5 times more absorbent than cotton. The insert is topped with a staydry layer of fleece to provide your baby a dry feel. It can be used with Diwas Diaper Covers.

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