How to Potty Train your kid

by Bhavishya Lakshmi

Kids are usually scared of anything new and they need your love and trust to help them get familiar with new things — potty training is the same. Till now, your baby was passing urine and motion in his diaper and has become comfortable with the same. Potty seat is a new addition and a big change to your baby’s daily schedule. So, its very important to be patient.

Some of you may have been lucky that the baby passed urine in the potty seat as soon as you asked. For others, the baby may have flat-out refused to even sit on the potty seat. In that case, you can try again by making the baby sit and even play a small game to keep the baby engaged and seated on the potty seat. This will make them comfortable and they may even get to use it. If not, you can try the same thing again tomorrow.

For babies, who already used the potty seat once, you can take them to the bathroom every 1 hour and try to make them pee. Most babies, will be ok with this and even excited to take that next step. You can also encourage them by clapping with them when they successfully use that potty seat. Your encouragement and appreciation means a lot to them!

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