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Why is my Diaper Leaking?

Why is my Diaper Leaking?

Why your diaper leaks?
1. It's full. (Duh!)
2. Poor fitting or poor fit (will get to this)
3. Detergent build up
4. Incorrect insert type

Lesson 1.
It's full. This is for the budding CD-ers, in modern cloth diapers you have NO way of knowing that the diaper is full, no special indicators. Change them every 2-3 hours, risk it an hour more if you feel that the diaper could stay a little longer (yes momma, you have to touch the wet diaper, feel the weight of it, whatever works for you). When it's really full, it will slightly leak!

2. Poor fitting or poor fit.
Poor fitting is momma's fault, poor fit is vendor's fault (sometimes).
Get to know your diaper, make friends with it. Don't fight with the diaper. Take a chill pill, watch the awesome videos TushionsTV made for you on how to get a perfect fit. Get help from other CDing mommies. Post your fit pics on our Facebook group - Tushcussions! There's abundant help available..... Grab it.
Poor fit on the other hand, is due to the tailoring by vendor. Too little space for the crotch area is one that could cause leaks, or inaccurate weight range determination. 
Please buy Diapers based on baby weight. There is a wide range of baby weight that can get into the One size diapers, still make sure whether it's perfect for your baby.

Here is a video link to get the perfect fit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aunm2ps9K28&list=PLDcaZ6X4gbvBkNITni9ZAM2TDw4W_ngzC

3. Detergent build up
Suddenly all your diapers start to shed tears in just one hour or two hours? Possible detergent build up. Let me tell you a secret, so called "detergents" are just mini cloth brushes against the cloth/stains. It's not the actual detergent that removes the stains like a magic wand, it's the consistent rubbing of detergent particles and the stain looking micro particles. Too much detergent is not really required. For a diaper load of 7-8 diapers, 2 heaped table spoons are enough, or 3 based on stains. So when we do get to the point of "detergent build-up", just a couple of washes in water without any detergent should do! That's it! There's your magic wand 
Please use only baby friendly detergents. Eg, Rustic art, Tide original. No fabric softener, no additives required.

4. Incorrect insert type
Know your inserts.... Microfiber, hemp, Organic cotton, charcoal bamboo are types which varies with absorbency level and also time it takes to absorb. 
Night time solutions are usually a hemp, hemp+cotton, organic cotton. Usually these are used as booster inserts beneath any other insert because though they absorb a high quantity of pee, they are slow to absorb. Determine whether your baby is a light or a heavy wetter and buy/use inserts accordingly.

No leaks, happy bum cheeks!!