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How to wash Poopy Diapers?

How to wash Poopy Diapers?

You can wash poopy Diapers by first hand spraying the poop into the toilet. Then give one rinse in detergent solution, and then final wash in either machine or a handwash. If you can't immediately wash them, it's fine, keep it in an airy area until you can, after a single rinse. Do not keep soaked diapers more than 48 hours without a wash, 24 hours is best. Do not soak natural materials such as cotton and hemp for a long time, do the wash and dry within 24 hours.

Dry as normal. Sun drying for a couple of hours is good for the diapers, but not more than a day. Sun drying is best for stain removal.

Best solution: Immediately remove a poopy diaper, quickly hand spray off the poop bits, there will rarely ever be stain. :)

Tip: Buy "diaper liners" (there are disposable types and also reusable ones. Reusable ones are the best! They do not stain up much and do not let poop into the diaper. Same method of wash too, spray poop off into toilet, rinse the liner in detergent and wash as normal along with all the Diapers. Reusable ones are made of Fleece mostly and are again "stay dry" which means baby does not feel wetness towards the bum. Mom tip: slight pull out the edges of the liner after wearing it on the baby. A bit of liner showing out on both sides, this ensures the liner to be in place without bunching up causing accidental poop leak into the diaper.

As in any case, please change diapers every three to four hours maximum for hygiene reasons. Only exception: "All night" diapers if you can't change in the night.