How many cloth diapers do you need?

by Jaya Shukla

While we all love to invest in what is good for the baby first, we also like to save some money in the meanwhile. As new parents, it is always a shock to realise how expensive raising a baby can be. So is there an economic diapering method? Yes, cloth diapering! Modern cloth diapers range from Rs.600 – Rs.2500 each, you might need about 15-16 of them minimum. A baby uses 6-8 diapers a day, and supposing we diaper the baby for 2 years, 730 days of diapering X 8 disposable diapers per day X cost of a diaper is your diapering allowance for the baby. Would you rather spend Rs.70,000 (Rs.12 per disposable) using disposables or Cloth diapers! I’m not making the calculation for you here for cloth diapering. I’m not very good with numbers sometimes (wink).

One cloth diaper can last anywhere from 2 hours to an all night-er! For 8 diapers a day, it is best to double it and have 16 in total, so when one set of 8 is being washed & drying the other set can be used. Although we have to agree 15-16 diaper ‘stash’ is a bare minimum here.  All diapers are not the same, some dry fast and some dry slow based on the material which is being used. It is also good to note that a diaper which dries slow, is most often a diaper which stays longer on the bum! So you need all kind of material here, a day diaper, an all night-er, one which can be used for your trips outside to the park, theatre etc which could stay not just 2 hours, but wee bit longer. Choose the right quantity – plus – the right materials. Hey, we are here to help you select too.

Let’s say, I am a minimalist mom with a bare minimum stash. Am I making the right choice? How would a cloth you wear everyday be, if you use it every day for two years? It fades? Loses texture? Yes. Though there are synthetic stuff out there for diapering within the modern cloth diapers, there is definitely much of cloth too, in fact, it is a cloth diaper (wink). Bare minimum stash is good for six months but you will have to rotate (Sell some, buy some). Care for a smarter advice? Go for a bigger stash for a larger rotation of your cloth diapers. It is economic in the long run as your diapers are well maintained and ‘resaleable’(wink).

I do not know what is the best stash number here, I’m a bare minimum myself of 25 diapers. Lets us know what is the best stash number! Go!