Cloth Diapering in Summers

by Jaya Shukla

Summers are already here and we get a lot of questions on how to cloth diaper during summers. So, with this blog we try to answer most of those questions.

Children have a higher metabolism than adults, which means that they feel more hot and hence there has been the practice to keep children in their bare essentials during the summer — which means just diapers most of the time. This actually helps, because there are not too many layers and as long as the diaper is breathable it should be fine.
On the other hand, Summers also mean that germs breed faster and make your child more prone to infections. Which means it is necessary to change the diaper more frequently. Ideally, change the diaper every 2–3 hours during the day and once at night.

Use natural fabrics as they are more breathable, so prefolds, organic AIOs and fitteds should be your go-to-diapers during the summers. You can use prefolds with a PUL cover (which is quite trim and breathable), organic AIOs work great for night as well as day and the fitteds. Even pocket diapers are quite trim, and work well during the day in summers.
Another great option is wool diapering (yes, you read it right). Wool is natural and works great as a diaper cover. Cotton prefolds with wool diaper covers make an excellent combination for summers.
A great advantage is that during summer, you get plenty of sunlight, diapers dry faster and you can manage with a smaller stash or make your baby wear that favorite diaper more often.