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My baby is a medium wetter. Heavy wetter at times. Infinit AIO worked wonders. It lasts for the whole night from 11pm till 9 am in the morning. No leak issues even when he sleeps in different directions. I'm using it daily. It has a prestitched mf , hemp insert and another trim mf. I use both the inserts for night. During day time sleep, I use only hemp. Overall worth every penny. I love all the cute prints. I have 5 of these.

Aishwarya MB

Bulletproof ! For no leakage even after 12 hours of usage . The best diaper for heavy wetters


So much in love with pocket and aio! Got a pocket with charcoal insert which lasted for almost 5-6hrs with lil dampness, should have changed by 4hrs. But yes absorbency was too good! 
And most satisfying is aio! Beauty! With double inserts, it worked straight 7 hrs in daytime! Yet to try them at nights. My cloth diapering journey has been beautifully kick started with green diapers 😇😍

Uma Ganesan